Mitchell Earrey
Mitchell EarreyResident Sommelier
A native of Chickasaw County, Mississippi, Mitchell Earrey now resides in the Fondren District of Jackson. During college, Mitchell was a bartender at The Veranda, where his introduction to the fascinating world of wine began. Before managing Livingston Cellars, he also worked at the Manship Wood-fired Kitchen in Belhaven, Parlor Market in downtown Jackson, and BRAVO! Italian Restaurant & Bar in Highland Village. Livingston Cellars, however, is his new theatre.

About Livingston Cellars

While merging the old-time with the high-end, Livingston Cellars offers wines ranging from the everyday to the extravagant. The focus is wine, but a range of distilled spirits are available as well. The town of Livingston is located 8 miles from Interstate 55, where Highway 463 and Highway 22 intersect.

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